To Excel in Jupyter

To Excel in Jupyter

Is Jupyter Notebooks the “next Excel”? or is it much more? Will graduates from BI in the near future be expected by their employer to present data in a Jupyter Notebook and not as an Excel workbook? Will a PhD student be expected to publish reproducible research in the form of Jupyter Notebooks?

What is Jupyter and Jupyter Notebooks?

Jupyter Notebooks are a system for Literate programming that have started to pop up “everywhere”.

Ingrid Somdal-Åmodt Vinje, Advisor Edtech and Education for Young Children at Abelia, wrote just before Easter a call for teaching Computational thinking to children (in Norwegian) Maybe something to teach students to? Jupyter Notebooks are a good way to get familiar with Computational thinking. UC Berkeley think so to and have made an interactiv textbook for their introductuary course in Data Science “Data 8: The Foundations of Data Science”. This is a good example of what you can do with Jupyter Notebooks and Binder. Computational thinking is a central element of this course.

Amazon web services (AWS) embrace Computational thinking with the help of Jupyter Notebooks in their Machine Learning platform AWS Sagemaker.

It is easy to get started with Jupyter. Curiosity will take you fare. Go here to try Jupyter now.

Here is a short selection of “everywhere” for the curious. You can also drop us a line in the comments with questions and ideas:










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