To code or not to code – is that the question?

To code or not to code – is that the question?


WARNING!! Open questions!

Ada Lovelace

Ada Lovelace

Depending on what fragment of the news world you are following there is a discussion of the significance of introducing children to computer programming (coding) from an early age. In the USA you have 1) with the “Hour of code” initiative. In Norway Digital skills are one of the five basic skills in school, but coding is not a basic Digital skill today.

If the people advocating that computer science should be part of the core curriculum in education are right, what does this mean for higher education today? Are students missing out if they don’t get some basic coding skills as part of their higher education?

What are basic coding skills today? and in the future? Is it playing FixTheFactory 2) or Minecraft 3)? or something like Python as thought in edX 6.00.1x 4) or giving instructions to Wolframalpha 5)or Apples Siri 6)?If it is giving the computer structured instructions to solve a general problem for you? maybe you are a Coder without knowing it? Maybe your children are?

Coding can be fun and challenging :-) find your level and get conscious about it.

Can you FixTheFactory?







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