Staff Exchange – My Visit at BI

Staff Exchange – My Visit at BI

From September 5th to September 9th, Franziska Chen from Vienna University og Economics and Business (Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien) guested the BI LearningLab. In this blog post, she reflects on what she experienced.

I had the pleasure to visit the team of the LearningLab at the BI Norwegian Business School in Oslo. Now I am back at my university in Vienna and try to summarize what I saw, learned and did. To put all my impressions into words is hard, but I’ll just give it a try; like I learned at LearningLab: JUST DO IT!

From a meeting with a start up to another meeting with all team members of LearningLab to interviews with BI students, I had a busy week at BI. My calender was full of meetings, dinners and sightseeing and my head was full of impressions.

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Meeting #1 Meeting #2 Selfie #1

I got an insight into some projects and works from the LearningLab, that supported me to think differently. Use theories or thoughts from other disciplins to use it for e-learning and most important, try to learn from others or cooperate with others for example with start ups.

Beside their projects I had the opportunity to get to know a bunch of nice people who are creative thinkers and who share their knowledge and thoughts in a great and easy way with an app.
Communication is not only important for their team but also for e-learning at BI. Some courses use the same app to communicate with students and share their materials there. Students can ask questions to lecturer and work together in groups with their colleagues in an easy and modern way.

When I went outside of BI, I actually had a cultural shock. If you come from Vienna or live in Vienna, you will understand it, because the people in Oslo are really, really nice. Once I was at the “fuck up night” at the University of Oslo. I couldn’t pay my beer so someone paid it for me – and the beer in Oslo is really expensive like 10€ – and he told me: „Just do it for a stranger another time.“ I liked it and I will pay it forward in Vienna, I promise.

Fuck up night: Stories about failure

I want to thank my university for the great opportunity and all people I met in Oslo, especially the members of LearningLab. Yeah …  they are nice too 🙂



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