Passion about teaching and learning

Passion about teaching and learning

Yesterday I joined Audun Farbrot when he had a session about social media with one of our institutes. His take-home-message was that content is still king in social media, but you also have to have passion, in order to get others interested in what your saying. I think this is maybe the most important lesson to be learned about participation in social media, but maybe it also contains some broader truth. There’s something contagious about passion, which makes people both listen and engage. The truth may just as well apply to both teaching and to our role as facilitating teaching and learning excellence at BI.

Today what I’m most passionate about is our new centre. It is really going to be a teaching and learning centre, and we’re opening on Tuesday, that is, in 4 days! The centre is going to be a great place to come and try new stuff, or engage in pedagogical discussion. Our hope is that the coffee machine will be the place for informal exchanges of ideas, the just in time discussions on how to solve problems in the classroom or to brain storm a new idea to see how it could be applied.

To teach is to be on a journey, I read today, and I truly hope that our centre will be a place both to take some more steps on that journey, but also to read the reviews and discuss ways to go from here. We want to meet our lecturers where they are at the moment, but we also want to show them the horizon and the possibilities that are out there. And we can do both.

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