Digitalization:To be seen or not to be seen

Digitalization:To be seen or not to be seen

– is that the question?

It is certainly one question. The media is teeming with data related buzzwords such as: AI, Robot, Deep learning, Big data and Digitalization. Everything is digital-something. Is this media fuzz? or will this dramatically change the world in the near future?

Can we prepare for this future? Do we need to prepare for this future?

Some say there is a Higher Ed’s Digital Skills Gap. Will this gap widen or narrow with the new technology?

It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.Niels Bohr

One thing we should be conscious about, is how the computers “see” us. Computers are “blind” to everything that is not digitized or monitored and fed into computers. If you want privacy – you need to know what you show or not show the computer. If you want the computer to assist you – you need to show the computer all it needs to do so.

I believe: people who are conscious about how the computers “see” us will have an advantage. Particularly in the time of transition from simple AI systems to more advanced systems. People who work and communicate mostly through the computer, will have a gentler transition and will get good assistance from AI before the rest. This is because communicating with the AI will be close to the way they already communicate with colleagues and the AI can learn from “watching” how they work.

So to prepare for this future – Work with each other through the computer and don’t be afraid to try new things.

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